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Project Criminal Justice Center - Philadelphia, Pa.
Project Date Summer 2010
Project Location Philadelphia, PA

Devine Brothers, Inc. performed a removal of three (3) 900 Ton Chillers, installed two (2)  new 1650 Ton Chillers and six (6) new Chilled Water Pumps, Piping Modifications, Automatic Temperature Control, Electrical Upgrades and four (4) Cooling Tower refurbishments.

All work was done in a fully occupied legal/court room building and no disturbance of occupants was permitted.

500 Ton crane was utilized to lift the chillers up and into Penthouse for installation. Piping was pre-fabricated and installed. Chillers provide chilled water to service three (3) major high rise buildings (Criminal Justice Building, City Hall and Municipal Services Building).

Devine Brothers did all this work with no complaints by owner or building representatives.


  1. Working in fully occupied court/legal building 24 hours at 7 days a week.
  2. Noise, dirt and mobilization and deliveries in a center city location.
  3. Egress into Penthouse with a passenger car elevator.
  4. Construction and demolition coordinated with full occupancy and cooling load.
  5. Delivery and installation of chillers needed a 500 Ton crane to accommodate task.
  6. Start-up and testing had to be integrated in concrete with fully operational cooling/insulate system.

Project Milestones:

  1. Demolition
  2.  Fabrication of piping
  3. Delivery, hoisting and rising of chillers
  4. re-assembly of chillers and installation of piping and refurbishment of cooling towers
  5. Electrical modifications
  6. Start-up and testing
Project The Haverford School Science & Life Building
Project Date Summer 2007
Project Location Haverford, PA
Project Amount $2,400,000
Project Scope New Construction, Existing Renovation, New Mechanical  System & Equipment
Project Issues Budget & Time Constraints
Actions Taken Design Build Evaluation & Redesign
  i.	The Haverford School

In the summer of 2007, Devine Brothers was sought after for The Haverford School renovation project by Michael Rufo of the Rufo Company. Rufo needed Devine Brothers to evaluate the current mechanical design and provide their design build expertise to reduce the cost of the project by 35% in order to bring the project within the budget, while completing this project within the tight, 16-month project schedule.

The original design by MGA Partners and H.F. Lenz Company was both a good design and satisfied the client, however funds became a growing concern. As such, Devine Brothers and the other parties worked diligently throughout the hot summer to provide a hybrid design of the mechanical systems, which would both deliver the intended comfort and energy efficiency envisioned by the professional team.

The challenges faced with the tight time table, budget constraints, and general expectations could have been seen as impossible by many mechanical contractors, but thanks to Devine Brothers’ experience, expertise, and creativity, this project would be on time, on budget, while delivering the highest form of efficiency and quality. Not many mechanical contractors could have done what Devine Brothers did, that is why they were directly requested for this project. Through the efforts of all parties involved, the result was total savings close to one-million dollar for the project while being completed on time.

Devine Brothers along with Intech Construction completed the brand new Science & Life Building for the start of the 2008-2009 school year for The Haverford School; on time, on budget, with flawless quality.

Project Independence Hall
Project Date 1995
Project Location Philadelphia, PA
Project Amount $1,800,000
Project Scope HVAC Reconstruction, DDC Temperature & Humidity Controls
Project Issues Significance of the Building, No torches permitted, Height and square footage constraints, Rules & Regulations
Actions Taken Use of heat guns in place of torches, equipment layout and system redesign.
  Independence Hall

In 1995, Devine Brothers was awarded, through Daniel J. Keating Company, the utility and infrastructure renovations project for Independence Hall and its associated buildings. This project required a great deal of available assets in talent and expertise in renovating the national landmark. Through Vitetta Engineering and the National Park Service; Keating Company and Devine Brothers, alongside other subcontractors, began the difficult task of upgrading the 18th Century buildings with state of the art equipment and controls.

Devine Brothers and their control company, Dynamic Controls, provided some 1,500 submittals and met both an aggressive time schedule and the requirements of a demanding owner, the National Park Services; with utmost efficiency and professionalism.


“Devine Brothers went above and beyond their (public low bid) contract obligation. They showed incredible commitment to complete the HVAC system work. A job well done.”
Brooks W. Garrison-Garrison Architects

“The Devine Brothers team exhibits highly professional knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of the Honeywell controls line, and they have a level of technical ability in controls that is rare in a mechanical contracting organization. As a distributor to some of the area’s best controls contractors, Broudy’s... ”
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Jay F. Ranalli - Broudy Precision Equipment

“The work that Devine Brothers did and how the contract was performed could only have been done by a handful of mechanical contractors. This was a very difficult type of project to administer. I’d like to personally thank Devine Brothers for the professional way in which the project was handled.”
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Edward J Fox-Jon Edward Fox & Associates

“I must command your management team, whose experience and pleasant demeanor were extremely vital in accomplishing the goals of the project, in demonstrating professional flexibility during construction to achieve the complexities of the project. The personal interest in the overall project of all of your onsite...more... Learn More
Ted Mondzelewski-Architectural Concepts LLP

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