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8/20/10 Devine Brothers to host an Open House at their Corporate Headquarters on September 15, 2010 at 3:30pm.

Devine Brothers will host an Open House on September 15, 2010 at 3:30pm, to showcase their brand new Solar PV System. The open house will feature a up close look (weather permitting) at the Solar PV System, as well as product demonstrations, a ribbon cutting ceremony, cocktails & appetizers, and live music. All guest who would like to attend are to contact Trey Devine at

8/1/10 Devine Brothers is proud to announce their newest member to the team.

Devine Brothers is proud to announce the hiring of our newest in-house employee, Jonathan Bolich……..(more to come)

7/1/10 Devine Brothers reveals Montgomery County’s First Solar PV System

Devine Brothers Solar PV System has officially gone live today, and by doing so, has become the first Commercial Solar PV System in Montgomery County.

“This is an amazing achievement for our company,” says President/CEO Richard E. Devine Jr.

“We see a value and a future not only in the Solar Energy Industry, but in the preservation of our Environment. There have been some outstanding advancements in the technology and efficiency of these systems over the past few years, along side with the financial compensation programs offered by state and federal government programs. We are always striving to be industry leaders in every aspect of our business, with our new solar system we have become just that.”

5/4/10 Brothers becomes 2010 AT&T National Tournament Sponsor

The 2010 AT&T National will mark the return of professional golf to the Philadelphia area while raising funds for local youth charities and paying tribute to our Armed Forces.

An exciting field of the top 120 PGA TOUR professional’s from around the world to compete for $6.2 million in prize money. Devine Brothers has helped aid this great initiative by become a 2010 Sponsor for this event.

“It is going to be an amazing, and memorable 4 days of golf,” says President/CEO Richard E. Devine Jr.

“AT&T and the Tiger Woods Foundation have done a superb job in the planning of this tournament; but most importantly in selection of the most deserving charities to receive the donations raised form this event. We are glad to be apart of such a great event, during such an important weekend.”

1/1/10 Devine Brothers completes a record setting year
1/14/10 Devine Brothers named as one of the “Top Workplaces” in 2010

Devine brothers has received word that they will be listed on the Philadelphia Inquires Top Workplaces of 2010. The list will be published in the Philadelphia Inquire from March 21st-22nd.

“This is a proud moment not only for myself, but everyone in our great company. I have always known we were a great place to work, but for the Philadelphia Inquire to notice our company is a true honor.” said CEO Richard Devine Jr.

When asked why he thought Devine Brothers made this years list, Chief Mechanic Steve Lucas had this to say; “I have been here nearly 20 years, I look around and see many of the same faces. People just don’t want to work here, they want to stay and flourish here.

When I talk to other people I know who work for other companies they are always asking if we are hiring. It is a good feeling when you are part of a company that others want to work for, but it is even a better feeling knowing that if you try your best, work hard, and show respect for your employees and customers, you will always have a job.”
Many executives were worried that after the company moved from Havertown to King of Prussia they were going to loose some employees due to the increase in travel time. “Our office moved almost 20 miles north, and many of our in-house employees daily travel time was going to increase by 45 minutes; I thought we were going to loose some key personnel; 4 years later not one person has left; you never here of a situation like that.” (Edward Devine, CFO). This was Devine Brothers first year on the list and also its first year registering for the list.
2/28/10 Devine Brothers reveals their brand new website

Devine Brothers teamed up with Website Designer, Glenn Wanamaker of, to develop our company’s brand new website. Many months and hard hours went into the design and content of this website. “We knew we had to change the look of our website to better showcase our great company. I am proud of the great work Glenn Wanamaker and Trey Devine did in the creation of our new website, their hard work and creativity has created a great stage to further showcase our company.” (Richard Devine Jr, CEO, Devine Brothers Inc.)


“Devine Brothers went above and beyond their (public low bid) contract obligation. They showed incredible commitment to complete the HVAC system work. A job well done.”
Brooks W. Garrison-Garrison Architects

“The Devine Brothers team exhibits highly professional knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of the Honeywell controls line, and they have a level of technical ability in controls that is rare in a mechanical contracting organization. As a distributor to some of the area’s best controls contractors, Broudy’s... ”
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Jay F. Ranalli - Broudy Precision Equipment

“The work that Devine Brothers did and how the contract was performed could only have been done by a handful of mechanical contractors. This was a very difficult type of project to administer. I’d like to personally thank Devine Brothers for the professional way in which the project was handled.”
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Edward J Fox-Jon Edward Fox & Associates

“I must command your management team, whose experience and pleasant demeanor were extremely vital in accomplishing the goals of the project, in demonstrating professional flexibility during construction to achieve the complexities of the project. The personal interest in the overall project of all of your onsite...more... Learn More
Ted Mondzelewski-Architectural Concepts LLP

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