Karabots Pediatric Care Center for CHOP

Devine Brothers and the General Contractor, Intech Construction, partnered to construct an inner-city medical building to serve the needs of the residents in West Philadelphia.

The Karabots family donated the significant funds for the project and Devine Brothers supplied the HVAC needs for the project along with many of the special requirements of the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP). The CHOP organization standard requires ultra violet sterilization for supply air decontamination and a significant amount of final commissioning to prove the required air changes and specified filtering of the patient air. Devine coordinated the effort of the Control Contractor, Johnson Controls, commissioning agent, T&B specialist and the facility staff for this facility that is monitored from the CHOP downtown office.

Karabots Pediatric Care Center


  • CHOP Karabots
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Contract Value: $6,765,794
  • Duration: 2 Years


  • Proven track record working with specialized medical facilities
  • Proven experience with turnkey integrated systems and controls
  • Proven ability to work with high expectation Owners and Designers