Rhodia R&D Laboratory – Solvay Corporation

Rhodia and its Research and Development group were moving in, as a tenant, to a lab facility formerly owned by ROHM and HAAS Chemical Co. The problem was that the lab facility had an aging infrastructure and an unavailable chilled water and high-pressure steam plant.

The design and construction solution would require a new building for its new steam plant and a comprehensive recommissioning of the moth balled existing Lab Building. Devine Brothers, in a Design / Build role was responsible for the new building, site work, (2) 250 hp York Shipley Steam Boilers and the chilled water equipment to provide for the utility requirements of this specialized tenant. Time, patience and perseverance by the lab’s facility manager, Bill McGlone, resulted in a fully recommissioned lab building with 100% outside air, variable air distribution, steam to hot water reheat, variable exhaust air, an air-cooled chilled water plant and the systematic replacement of many of the aging existing systems components. All of the deliverables were coordinated and delivered to this high availability lab facility currently owned by Solvay Corporation.

Rhodia R&D Laboratory


  • Rhodia R&D Laboratory – Solvay Corporation
  • Location: Bristol, PA
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  • Proven track record delivering on Fast Track projects
  • Proven track record working with specialized R&D facilities
  • Proven experience with turnkey integrated systems
  • Proven ability to work with high expectation Owners and Designers