Rittenhouse Claridge Co-Generation

Recent developments in gas turbine technologies along with the push for building efficiencies has led to several opportunities for cogeneration projects. Devine Brothers strives to be a leader in its industry and worked in a design build partnership with the TN Ward Company to furnish and install (3) TECOGEN gas fired turbines with Low Emissions technology.

These units are, in addition to their electrical output, capable of providing 1,533,000 BTU/hour of heating capacity that is used to heat the 28 story apartment building or to provide the domestic hot water supply. This use of the cogeneration plant provided for a capital improvement for the facility that was financed by a third party and alleviated this buildings need to replace aging steam boilers. The project incorporates an advanced monitoring and reporting control system that is optimized remotely by the third party owner and operator as designed by Devine Brothers and its sister company – Dynamic Controls.

Rittenhouse Claridge Co-Generation


  • Rittenhouse Claridge Co-Generation
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Contract Value: $355,333
  • Duration: 2 Years


  • Proven commitment to Sustainable design and energy conservation
  • Proven track record working with gas turbine CoGen systems
  • Proven experience with turnkey integrated systems and controls
  • Proven ability to work in occupied facilities with high expectation Owners