SECCRA Methane Fired Generators

Devine Brothers, Inc. was contracted to install two (2) Methane Fired Generators at the South East Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA).

The Project was performed as a renewable source of energy. In the past the refuse Authority use to remove and burn the methane which was a byproduct of decomposing organic vegetation. This flammable gas was a hazard to the refuse authority and the methane was a waste of flaring a renewable energy source.

SECCRA designed a system which collected the methane that was built up under the surface. The methane was dewatered and compressed as a fuel source to power (2) engines/generators which provide electricity to sold back into the electrical grid. The project solved many existing environmental problems and provided a source of revenue for the Waste Authority.

Devine Brothers, Inc. installed the following on this project:

  • Two (2) Methane Fired Engine/Generator Sets
  • Two (2) Cooling System for Generator Sets
  • Two (2) Exhaust Systems
  • Two (2) Combustion Air Fans in Generator Building
  • Provide interconnecting Piping for all Systems Serving the Generator

SECCRA Methane Fired Generator


  • SECCRA Methane Fired Generators
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Contract Value: $
  • Duration:


  • Proven commitment to Sustainable design and energy conservation
  • Proven track record working with gas turbine CoGen systems
  • Proven experience with turnkey integrated systems and controls